Why I Wrote Misha and the Purple Moon Prophecy

I’m always asked by people why I wrote Misha and the Purple Moon Prophecy since I have never taken a writing course or had any aspirations to write a book before. Truth be told, I eventually decided to write this book because my daughter always got bored anytime I tried to talk to her about new insights that I’d gained from either reading a book or attending a personal development seminar.

I kept wondering how to best share the information I learned in a more interesting way for the young readers that my message would resonate with. I felt that writing a straight forward self help book wouldn’t attract the group of people I was trying to reach (the normal, every day person who knows that there’s more to life, but doesn’t know where to start).

I eventually decided to write a fantasy tale and incorporate the fundamental notions of personal empowerment throughout the story. According to my daughter, this would make it a little less boring (and since then, she admitted to me that my book isn’t the worst book she’s ever read. Which is quite the compliment!)

My goal in writing this book, is to at the very least, plant a seed in the mind and heart of all those who read it, igniting an awakening to the truth of the infinite power that resides within them.

I believe that it is no accident that this book found its way into the hands of each and every reader, for had they not been ready to receive the messages within, they would not have manifested its presence in their life.

It is my sincere desire that this book be the next step in every readers journey to higher consciousness.

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