The Angel Who Loves The Most.

The story of the angel who loves the most.  (based on story in Conversations with God books, by Neale Donald Walsch).

It was at the very beginning of time. Aeons ago, before humans ever roamed the earth. 

God was gathering all its beings of light in the great celestial hall for what was destined to be a most joyful and sacred day in the history of all time.  

There was curious and joyful anticipation by all the beings of light in heaven as to why God was holding such a sacred meeting. 

God stood in the middle of the celestial hall, an angelic orchestra played songs of pure love as God welcomed all the beings of light. 

One by one, they floated in like little fireflies of love and joy. They happily gathered around God, hearts open, eagerly awaiting God’s divine message. 

“Welcome my beautiful beings of love and light.  Today is a very special day.  It is the day that I lovingly bestow a sense of meaning and purpose to your lives.” Said God. 

A cheerful whisper passed through the celestial hall like a thousand tiny bells.

God continued, “In this sacred gathering, I am inviting you to offer yourself in service . I am sending precious parts of myself down to earth. These souls will fall under a powerful spell of forgetfulness. A spell in which they will forget their true nature. They will forget that they are fragments of me.”

The celestial hall bust into murmurs of shock and awe. 

“I will need an angel of joy. Whom amongst you will volunteer to serve humanity as the bringer of joy?” God asked.

A tiny little hand of light raised in the air, “me…me…me… I will gladly serve humanity as the angel of joy. I love all parts of you God. Even once they’ve forgotten their true nature, my love for you – for these parts of you, is so strong and pure that I will happily offer myself completely to this sacred mission of love on your behalf.” 

“Very well,” said God. “Come forth.”

The little being of light approached God, its heart beaming a ray of pure white light. 

God gave it angel wings and anointed it the angel of joy.

The celestial orchestra played a holy song of angelic joy as the whole hall erupted in dance to celebrate the beauty and sacredness of the moment. 

“I will need a volunteer to serve humanity as the angel of forgiveness.” God said.

An eager angel immediately rushed to God’s feet and offered itself in serve to humanity as the angel of forgiveness. 

Again, the celestial orchestra and beings of light celebrated the anointing of another angel. 

Angel after angel, the anointing and celebration continued. There were angels of laughter, peace, serenity, gratitude, hope, inspiration, confidence, enthusiasm, awe, playfulness, relief, understanding, music, art, determination, will, love, etc…

All of heaven was in a state of blissful celebration, singing and dancing to the enchanting celestial melodies. 

“It is a joyful day indeed,”  said God. “For the delicious feeling of fulfillment derived from one’s loving sense of meaning and purpose in service of others is one of the most sublime gifts I can offer.” 

All the angels cheered and applauded in agreement.

God raised its hand, and continued.

“In order for you to fulfill your designated purposes, I will need one more angel.”

God’s face became very still and earnest. 

“I now need an angel of darkness.”

The celestial hall fell completely silent. The orchestra, as quiet as the early morning mist . All the little beings of light carefully looked at each other in bewilderment, none daring to attract God’s attention, lest they be chosen to be the angel of darkness. 

The silent pause lasted for what felt like an eternity. 

God simply waited patiently, for it knew the extent of the sacrifice being asked of these beautiful beings of light. 

Suddenly, from the very back of the celestial hall, a soft voice finally broke the silence.  

“I will do it.”

The angels all bowed in awe and honor at the strength of this little being of light’s commitment to love. 

They made way for the most loving being of light amongst them as it made its way through the silent crowd towards God to receive its wings of darkness. 

God put its hand on the angel of darkness’ heart and said, “You are the angel who loves the most.  In time, humanity will not only remember the truth of who you are and the sacrifice you’ve made here today, but they will celebrate it. For they will know that without you, none of it could have been possible, and that regardless of circumstances, I have bestowed nothing but blessings of love to all. They will come to remember that without the dark, there is no light.”

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