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Tanya Koller

As a teenager, I grappled with inner, emotional turmoil. It wasn’t until I was 23 years old, after reading the book The Road Less Travelled by Dr. Scott Peck, that I began my journey of self-healing. That book sparked a change within me and from that moment on I studied book after book, Travelled to meet spiritual gurus, and attended countless personal wellness seminars to grow my spiritual understanding and cultivate greater inner peace.

Today, over 30 years later, I remain devoted to my growth, weathering the ups and downs of life with as much loving-kindness and grace as I’m capable of.

I was motivated to write Misha and the Purple Moon Prophecy because I wanted to write a story that would inspire readers to own their true power by taking responsibility for their state-of-being and grow into the next highest expression of themselves. I believe that the more we raise our own level of consciousness, the more we contribute to the well-being of the planet. The more we live from a heart-centered place, the more we spread love to those we encounter in our day-to-day lives.


and the Purple Moon Prophecy

I welcome you, my apprentice wizard, to the tale of Misha and the Purple Moon Prophecy, a tale that will take you not only on a journey to another dimension where wizards, dragons, shape shifters and other mystical beings roam the medieval lands of Zauruktah, but on a much more ambitious journey through your own personal awakening to higher consciousness.

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