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About Me

Fueled by my desperate need to stop the constant emotional and mental anguish I suffered from, I took the first conscious step on the journey to higher consciousness when I was 23 years old and picked up the book The Road Less Travelled by Dr. Scott Peck. From that moment on, I devoured book after book, searching for answers as to why I suffered so much. I roamed the planet seeking advice and healing from countless healers and gurus ranging from Vipassana meditation retreats, to energy healers, to Ayahuasca shamans in the Amazon jungle.

My search for inner peace led me to get my doctorate in metaphysical science, as well as taking courses in Reiki, Pranic healing and Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Today, 26 years later, I’m an optimistic individual who is completely enthralled by the never ending mystery and adventure of excavating the depths of my inner ecosystem and discovering both the hidden treasures and limiting beliefs that dwell in the landscape of my being.

I’ve come to understand that life is not about being perfect, getting through it unscathed, or living up to people’s expectations of what a “successful” person should look like. I’m continuously learning to follow my inner guidance, as I turn my attention away from the faceless, unknown masses that aimlessly dispense their unexamined expectations and opinions upon the world at large. I realize that it’s more about being true to myself and unapologetically living my life on my terms in a kind and loving way towards all beings.

At this phase in my life, I now want to share the little nuggets of understanding that I accumulated over the years with those who may find that my message resonates with them on some level.

More about me and my personal story

I spent most of my life working for my parents in the family business until I felt myself being pulled away by the need to expand my horizons. Unfortunately, I had no idea what I wanted to do, so I set out taking course after course trying to discover where my passion lied. In 2001 I took Reiki courses and learned about the power of energy healing, in 2002 I got my diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine, in 2005 I got my doctorate in metaphysical science, in 2011 I got my diploma in animal sciences, and in 2012 I studied courses in real estate investment.

Although I never knew what I was meant to do with all this education/information, I continued to pursue different avenues in order to quench the insatiable thirst I had for more knowledge and a deeper understanding of myself. I traveled the world looking for answers from anyone I thought could provide them. I went to Teotihuacan, the ancient city of pyramids, to countless seminars from Tony Robbins, Ester and Jerry Hicks, Eckhart Tolle, Marianne Williamson, Deepak Choprah, etc… to the jungles in Peru to drink the healing elixir of Ayahuasca under the care of Maestro Alberto.

I have now written my first book, Misha and the Purple Moon Prophecy, in order to share some of the fascinating insights that I gained along my own personal journey. It is my greatest hope that other’s can benefit from what I’ve learned along the way, and that I can contribute to the well-being of those in which my message resonates with.

I welcome you to get in touch.

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